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After my wedding, I quickly realized how big of a pain changing your last name is. I didn’t know where to start, what forms to fill out, or how to find everything I needed.

I spent hours searching google and navigating government sites (which are a complete nightmare, by the way) hoping I had the right forms filled out. Then I had to figure out where to go or where to mail the forms. I even took a day off work to get it done which wasn’t enough—it took weeks.

Fast forward to 2018. I was out to eat with some newly married friends who were complaining about their name change process. They asked me how I changed my last name and that’s when the idea for NewlyNamed hit me—a service that makes changing your last name something you can easily and confidently accomplish.

At NewlyNamed, our mission is to make your name change as easy as possible. Changing your last name should be fun and exciting, not frustrating and time-consuming.

Our team at NewlyNamed would be honored to help you change your last name.

Colie Christensen
Founder, NewlyNamed

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Our mission is to make your name change as easy as possible. We guarantee NewlyNamed will help you be more organized throughout your name change process.

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