NewlyNamed Gift Card

Give your friends and family a stress-free name change with a NewlyNamed gift card

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Gift Card FAQ

How do NewlyNamed gift cards work?

  1. Select the type of name change package you’d like to gift – Print at Home or NewlyNamed Box.
  2. Select the recipient – someone else or yourself.
  3. Select the number of gift cards you’d like to purchase.
  4. Enter in the delivery info (email or post) and pay. Digital gift cards are sent by email. Physical gift cards are sent by mail.
  5. After the gift card is received, it can be redeemed by the recipient at any time. Gift cards do not expire.

Can I gift a NewlyNamed Box?

Yes! You can gift a NewlyNamed Box by purchasing a NewlyNamed Box gift card.

We recommend purchasing a gift card because we must collect information from the person changing their name to create their NewlyNamed Box (with a personalized name change kit inside).

You can choose between a physical gift card or a digital gift card.

A gift card can be sent to you (for you to gift) or directly to the recipient.

Do you offer physical gift cards?

Yes! We send physical gift cards when the delivery option ‘By mail’ is selected.

Can I send a gift card to myself?

Yes, you can send a digital gift card (by email) or a physical gift card (by mail) to yourself.

How do I redeem a gift card?

  1. Visit newlynamed.com/packages.
  2. Select the package type (NewlyNamed box or Print at Home) and click “Buy for Myself”. (Note: If you’d like to upgrade to a NewlyNamed Box you can apply the value of your Print at Home gift card to your NewlyNamed Box order at checkout.)
  3. Enter your gift card code on the checkout page and click “Apply”. The value of your gift card will be applied to the price.

I have a Print at Home gift card. Can I upgrade to a NewlyNamed Box?

Yes! Visit newlynamed.com/pack​ages and select NewlyNamed Box. Then enter the gift card code in the gift card code box on the checkout screen. The value of your gift card will be applied to the price of a NewlyNamed Box.

Can I order more than one gift card?

Yes, you can purchase up to 30 gift cards in a single order.

How long does it take for gift cards to arrive?

By Mail: We ship physical gift cards within one business day. Shipping typically takes 2-5 business days. You will receive an email notification with a tracking link when your order ships.

By Email: You can schedule a digital gift card to be delivered immediately or at a future date/time.

Does the gift card recipient have to pay shipping costs?

No, the recipient’s NewlyNamed Box gift card will cover all shipping costs.